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ODUWA eparated (The road map to wealth), launched the 1st blockchain exchange platform with insurance volatility options. This project prototype is designed to bring confidence into the crypto market by offering investors a safer option to invest in digital currency without losing their principal. This UK based company Co-founded by an astute crypto investor and certified blockchain developer Bright Enabulele comes in as, a much-needed solution now granted the volatility in the current digital currency market. The ICO is on pre-sale now going only for 0.18cents a token which is currently deployed off the Ethereum platform upon purchase. The event was spectacular with a great attendance of sophisticated cryptocurrency buyers. ODUWA sold tokens and a lady won 1000 OWC tokens from the raffle at the event. The red carpet was filled with cameras and attendees got great images in front of the white gold

back drop where the gorgeous ODUWA tokens and logos were displayed. For those interested in gaining wealth through ODUWA, go to www.oduwacoin.io and purchase as much tokens as possible before the company sells out of the 50% of the entire tokens they are offering on the pre-sale. Only 21,000,000.00 tokens are available from ODUWA which makes the token matrix scalable and extremely valuable for investors. Do yourself a great favor and buy your tokens today.

ODUWA is a Cryptocurrency developed exchange platform for insuring cryptocurrencies

a massive development in the crypto industry

This is the only time anyone can buy this coin very cheap.

We are happy to announce that a lot of affiliates are partnering up with ODUWA, it’s time to protect your portfolio against volatility.

“We are bringing confidence back to the cryptocurrency market”
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If you would like more information about this coin, please contact ODUWA BLOCKCHAIN SOLUTIONS LTD at ODUWA COIN or email at info@oduwacoin.io. telegram at https://t.me/Oduwacoin

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