eZWay Network is an organization with past network and business dealings in different markets and sectors. We have dealt with events, marketing, social media, advertising and fundraising for different companies. This means that we have experts as well as connections in these industries.

eZWay is developing a platform in the blockchain technology to make the services more accessible, secure and decentralized to attract more users as well as help them gain access to an array of vital business consultation and marketing services. This platform will be accessible by any user in any location regardless of their laws and time zones.

This decentralized platform will have different features for different users, with the option of special membership to allow access to certain social media infl uencers as well as CEOs. This is an all-round platform which serves all the users in different ways by allowing them access to B2b, B2c and B2M companies.

The past companies that eZWay has worked with will be on the platform and users can access their business opportunity as well as consultation without the need for middlemen. This reduces the costs and time of doing business with top-tier companies as well as improves access to business information in different markets.

eZWay Network Divisions

eZWay Broadcasting

It is the distribution arm for eZWay Network (eZWayTV, eZWay Radio, eZWay Magazine).

eZWay TV

It is Distributed by Voice America, Soul Central TV, Actors Reporter, FanTV, iLaunch Global …

eZWay Promotions

It is our PR, Marketing, Advertising, and Social Media Marketing arm. The largest division …